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  • American River Cruise on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

  • Crown Princess cruise around the British Isles with Sulwen.

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  • Little Comet and Tateroo.

  • P-51 Mustang flight for 75th birthday.

  • B-24 Liberator flight for 80th birthday.

  • Trip along the Oregon Trail. (Last post on 07-03-2010)

  • Highway 50 and Route 66 trip in 2003.

  • Final trip report in chronological order, with afterthoughts.
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    z=franke(x,y) from the Spline Toolbox in Matlab


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  • Oleg Davydov has moved to the University of Giessen and is now making available the functions and data sets I have used on a new server. To see the README file (with appropriate prelude) about files there and how to access the information, point your browser at the website for his software, Thanks, Oleg.

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